I’ve been playing the class for a good two weeks now and a few things have (anecdotally) become apparent.

– Retribution paladins are fairly survivable and do ok damage. They pay for this in mobility however. At first I was like “What would I ever need Cavalier for?” Then I realized it was to run away from mages with. Just kidding, you can’t run away from mages.

– I like the priority system at the basis of our rotation, it gives you (the appearance of) choices to make. AoE feels rather weak unless there’s quite a few enemies about however, but I understand this was an intentional change. The cooldowns.. kind of suck. I know that this was a change as well and maybe I just need more practice, but I tend to go through periods of unavailable abilities when fights go long which I dislike.

Nobody knows how the PvP scaling works. Part of me suspects Blizzard just does this kind of thing because they’re Blizzard. Regardless, either only item level matters or item level and secondary stats matter. Fortunately, our secondary stats are all pretty close in value. Having experimented with them, my favor leans towards Haste for reasons of sustainability (see aforementioned cooldowns), although Noxxic feels differently on the topic. And a lot of other guides feel differently about that. The Light may be Truth, but us paladins, we like to muck about.

– What we do know is that, even if unclear about the weight their stats give, trinket and trait procs do matter. Of these, apparently only those which directly increase your stats or damage stack, secondaries don’t. I’m not sure which traits I like best, but then I haven’t received the best of gear yet. This is something I’ll need to work on but, with the value of PvP rewards being contested, it looks like I’m probably going to need to start raiding for that as well.

Anybody want to fill in at work for a few weeks?