Isn’t this always how it is? First you wait weeks for the PvP season to start and then, when it hits, you get swamped by work. It probably doesn’t help I picked this week to start another thing either. Anyway, the result is that I’ve been unable to get much time in in either Arena or Battle Ground and, while I have obtained a Warfront quest, that’s about as far as that goes.

Fortunately for people like me, Blizzard has thought of these things while designing the Conquest system. Apparently, if you don’t reach the week’s cap before the reset, you won’t lose accumulated Conquest points and remain eligible for the week’s reward for another 2 weeks.

While it does make me feel a little casual, this week it’s welcome news indeed. Blizzard’s also explained that the item level of the loot you receive will be based on the highest rating you achieved in the previous week. This means you could reach Duelist rank, then drop down to Rival and still receive Duelist quality loot for that week. If you were Duelist before, but achieve Gladiator after receiving your reward, you can use a Battleborn Sigil to boost the item’s level to the rating associated with your new rank.

If that all sounds a tad complicated, it’s because it probably is, as even Blizzard’s design team acknowledges. We’re likely to see more updates on the system in the future, but for now rest assured that there’s no need for grinding deeply into the night just yet.

Unless that’s what you enjoy of course, in which case carry on.