While starting off the month strong, you may have noticed that I’ve been absent from the blogging front for the last week or two. This has been an unfortunate side-effect of work which, coupled with the amount of time Working As Intended takes up every day, left me with room nor energy for much else.

In the words of a famous killer robot “I’ll be back” however, or rather, I am. I was going to mark my return with a long post on the Activision Blizzard layoffs as they relate to the publisher’s competitive scenes. Some of you would have enjoyed it, all fire and brimstone, but right now it does not spark joy for me. Instead, I want to have a little fun as we wrap up this lovely esports-filled weekend. So here are some videos I enjoyed recently, but did not get around to tweeting/posting about yet.

Lara goes Through the Fire and Flames

This video is not really about gaming per se, but it definitely showcases skill behind a keyboard. Australian streamer lara6683 has a degree in music as well as a condition called synesthesia, which gives her perfect pitch and “shows” her what you and I only hear. On her stream she fields musical requests, one of which was Dragonforce’s Through the Fire and Flames. She never listened to the song before this, yet I don’t think I can hear it any other way now.

Shanghai Dragons end The Streak

One of the big stories last week was esports’ longest losing streak, Overwatch League team Shanghai Dragons’ 0-42 record, finally coming to an end when they beat the Boston Uprising. It seems to have allowed the organization’s players to leave the past behind them as they’ve found more success since and it looked a little something like this.

Jin Air Green Wings.. do not

Another team which could do with some of that sweet victory medicine is Korean League of Legends team Jin Air Green Wings. While never having been a big contender, they’ve racked up a 0-17 record in the current Split, with play that’s even starting to get to casters Atlus and Papa Smithy.

Shroud the human aimbot

Although I enjoy it as a drop-in game, I’ve had to come to the painful conclusion that I’ll never be as good at Respawn’s title Apex Legends as some of its pros. Shroud’s stream is a constant reminder of this. I already tweeted this clip earlier, but I’m going to add another because what? Just.. what.

LEC flexes its skill

Both the quality of gameplay as well as production for Europe’s League of Legends competition has gone up quite a bit in recent years. These are perhaps not the best examples of the latter, but I can’t stop watching them all the same. Also, have you checked out those standings? It’s a good race to watch overall.

Second to none

Lastly, after 11 Grand Finals and at what could have been the end of his career, Korean Zerg soO finally gets his win.

I hope that at least one of these you smile, something I feel we could all do more of. I’m going to watch the conclusion to IEM now (go ENCE!) and will be back with some proper writing later this week. Unless, that is, someone gets a compilation of all the IEM dick jokes together before that. Good luck, have fun indeed.